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Connections (custom1)

My Flexible page to showcase what I need to show.

Connecting  Landing pages to the navigation

In navigation - Custom 1 destination Link should be /c1/index.aspx

 How to link to a website:

Type the text of where you are going - girl scouts site, and then highlight and use the 'link' button.

Enter the full URL. target = new window if this is an external site.

How to link to a file - from the content:


1) Upload the file

  • Go to News or Newsletter (you don't need to actually save this new item - it just has the upload feature handy.)
  • Click on "Click here to upload a file"
  • Browse to your file & upload it.

NOTE the name of your file. Very important.

HINT - it is best to not have spaces in the file name. the best practics is to use dashes. Very-simple-PDF-for-testing.pdf


Repeat for as many files as you want to upload.


2) link to file

*Within the WYSIWYG editor - type the name of the 'link text'.

*highlight the text & click the WYSIWYG button for 'Insert/Edit Link' (looks like a chain link).

*Enter the link URL

follow either of these patterns, but replace chapter name with your chapter ID (so socal for southern california), and replace filename with the full filename - including the extension.


 Sample Content

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